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Below is a list of frequently asked questions we receive about Old Southendian Youth F.C. and the answers. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form here.


Q: What is Old Southendian Youth F.C.?

A: We are a youth football club based in Southend, Essex that offers coaching and matches in a fun and safe environment, for children aged 3 up to Adults.



Q. How can I get my child involved?

A. In the first instance please get in touch with an appropriate age group manager, via the OUR TEAMS page here with your childs full name and current school year and they will provide you with more details of what we can offer, that suits you and your child.



Q. Does my child need to have experience of playing football to join?

A. Not at all. We welcome children of all abilities to our club and we can provide specialised coaching for all. The majority of our children within the club, come to us having never even kicked a ball.



Q. Where and when do you train?

A. Currently most of our training sessions are held at our own exclusive venue at Garon Park, Eastern Ave, Southend. SS2 4FA. Opposite Southend Leisure Centre, next to the cricket pitch. These are held every Saturday morning from 9am (times vary according to age) for approximately 1 hour. Please get in touch here with your child's full name and current school year, for confirmation on what training session and time suits your child. Our venue has a clubhouse complete with kitchen serving hot & cold food and drinks, changing rooms & toilet facilities.



Q. Is there a fee for training sessions?

A. If your child is placed in one of our teams, the training sessions are free of charge. If your child is placed in our Mini Southendians Squad (3-6 year olds) there is a £4 charge per child, per week payable on the day.



Q. When do your teams play matches?

A. Our teams play matches on Sunday's between September and May every year. The majority of our teams also take part in tournaments in the summer months.



Q. Is there a fee for joining one of your teams?

A. Yes, there is a one-off fee payable every July if your child is placed in one of our teams. The price varies depending on the age, so please get in touch to confirm. This fee covers your childs training and matches for a whole year. And covers the costs the club incur for pitch fee's, registration fee's, referee's, equipment and kit etc.



Q. Do your coaches get paid?

A. Absolutely not. All of our coaches and committee members give up their time for free and for the love of the club. Southendian Manor Youth F.C. is a non-profit organisation.



Q. Is Old Southendian Youth F.C. a safe place for my child?

​A. 110% YES!...All of our coaches are comprehensively CRC checked and have a minimum F.A. Level 1 Coaching badge, along with a first aid and safeguarding certificate. We also have several fully qualified Child Welfare Officers at the club. So you can be sure your child is always in safe hands.



Q. What clothing and equipment does my child need for training?

A. We recommend your child to wear shorts, t-shirts, football socks and astro trainers or firm ground football boots in the summer months. Plus appropriate sun screen such as cream and caps. And warmer outdoor wear such as joggers, jumpers, hats and jackets, plus football socks and soft ground football boots for the winter. A drink for your child is also required. The one thing ALL participants must have is shin pads. Without these no child can take part in our training sessions or matches. You can find these at any good sports retailer.



Q. Are you looking for new players?

A. New players with or without experience are always welcome for any age group between 7-18. Please get in touch with an appropriate age group manager here with your childs full name and current school year and they will inform you how to proceed.


Q. Are you looking for new coaches?

A. Yes please!...If you are interested in being a coach at Old Southendian Youth F.C. please get in touch here We can help you gain your F.A. Level 1 Coaching badge or higher at a subsidised rate. No experience required. We are happy to welcome you down one Saturday morning for a relaxed chat about what we can offer.


Q. What age group will my child be in?

A. Please see the list below of age groups and School years (As of September 2021):

U6's (Mini Southendians) - Nursery, Reception and School Year 1.

U7's - School Year 2

U8's - School Year 3

U9's - School Year 4

U10's - School Year 5

U11's - School Year 6

U12's - School Year 7

U13's - School Year 8

U14's - School Year 9

U15's - School Year 10

U16's - School Year 11
U17's - Year 12 (Lower Sixth Form)
U18's - Year 13 (Higher Sixth Form)